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About Custoneparts Fuel Pump

CUSTONEPARTS is a new and hi-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights. The company professionally engages in researching, design, development, and manufacture of automobile electric fuel pumps, fuel pump modules, fuel level sensors, high-pressure fuel pumps, high flow fuel pumps, and other related products. Founded in 1999, CUSTONEPARTS has over the years gained a substantial share of the market to become a global supplier of high-quality fuel pumps.

We are different from the other electric fuel pump manufacturers in many ways.

  • Lowest MOQ- as less as 1 piece
  • Exclusive sales arrangements and discounts for agents
  • Quick resolution of client claims or complaints- usually within 48 hours or less
  • 1-year warranty for all our sales
  • Free packaging design

Our market spans the whole world, with Europe and America taking up 95% of our total exports. With our state-of-the-art factories, a passionate team of engineers, a dedicated sales team and other workers, we can produce and distribute over 2000 kinds of fuel pumps and models for the aftermarket industry. We remain committed to quality and are continually researching to ensure our products always stand out as the best.



Quick development of new fuel pump models in 2 months.


Fast response to customer queries- usually within 24 hours.


Supportive sales team and flexible payment terms for our customers.


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Custoneparts Fuel Pump


Our products include: Automobile Electric Fuel Pumps, Fuel Pump Modules, Fuel Level Sensors, High-Pressure Fuel Pumps, High Flow Fuel Pumps, and other related products.


External Fuel Pump

External fuel pumps manufactured by CUSTONEPARTS also guarantee of low noise output and increased efficiency. The terminals are designed to be large which helps to enhance current flow by lowering resistance.


High Flow Fuel Pump

Fuel pumps from CUSTONEPARTS also offer near quiet operation. The armatures are encapsulated to reduce vibrations while a coil fitted to the pump serves to eliminate the noise caused by radio waves interference.


Universal Fuel Pump

CUSTONEPARTS universal fuel pumps assure of non-pulsating fuel flow at all times. The pressure regulator is inbuilt and high-efficiency, and the impeller ring efficient at smoothening the fuel flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to test the fuel pump and fuel pump assembly and keep track of it after shipment?

Each product has its own drawings, the performance requirements and test items are specified on the drawings. The fuel pump automatic test bench has a recording function, which is easy to check the performance test result.

Our order is recorded via the ERP system, and each order has a unique order code. The MES system is used in the production process and can be traced back to each batch number.

In addition, after the delivery, we will do the sampling test in each batch of orders, double check the product quality to ensure that the goods received by the customer are completely no problem.

How to develop and test fuel pump parts before assembly?

95% of our fuel pump components are fully automated, and each step is tested online by automated testing equipment.
At the same time, the quality inspection team will conduct the first inspection, sampling inspection, and final inspection to ensure quality control.

How to test fuel pump noise?

In the professional silent room test, the traditional artificial ear force test is no longer used.

How is your design and development capabilities?

Our company has more than 20 years of experience in fuel pump R&D and manufacturing. The national standard for the fuel pump is drafted by our company. At present, our company has 136 patents and applies for more than 20 patients each year. It breaks the monopoly of international giants with more advanced design patents.

With more than 10 years of experience in OEM service, we are trusted by the top automotive manufacturers.

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