Fuel Pump Assembly

Custoneparts are fuel pump module suppliers for different automotive applications. The quality of Custone fuel pump assemblies is exceptional. From design to the various features, we ensure the best.

Besides controlled manufacturing, every Custone fuel pump module assembly undergoes 100% testing. Above all, we carefully select the raw material to produce the various fuel module and fuel pump parts.

Superior Design and Construction

All Custone fuel pump assemblies feature advanced technologies and premium materials. They are sturdy and can withstand harsh fuels. We build every part to perform at an optimal level. Also, to offer longer service life.

Reliable Performance

Custoneparts manufactures superior fuel pump assemblies. The connectors are thick enough, the motor efficient, and the impeller high-performing. Additionally, polymer and steel parts feature premium materials.


The use of quality raw material ensures Custone fuel pump assemblies can resist damage. Mechanical damage, too. It is one of the reasons for their popularity with vehicle owners.


Every Custone fuel pump module is a testimony of what goes on in our factories. We make the fuel pumps using the latest technologies. At the same time, we ensure adherence to OE standards.

  • Highly efficient impellers for proper fuel flow
  • Quality polymer parts that ensure longer life
  • Advanced inlets for fuel flow efficiency
  • Machined mounting surfaces for lasting sealings
  • High-grade housing that resists corrosion and offers an extended lifespan
  • Permanently lubricated bearings
  • Stabilized construction that provides enhanced noise dampening

Custone feature a lower amp draw for efficient operation. They are also precision-built to ensure dimensional stability. In addition to that, the different components conform to the specific OE requirements.

Being a global manufacturer, the range of fuel pump assemblies that Custoneparts supplies is wide. The production capacity is adequate for any order quantity, too. Additionally, we have an able team of engineers to advise the manufacturing process.


Custoneparts Fuel Pump Module


For a fuel pump assembly supplier you can rely on, Custone is the company of choice. We have fuel pump assemblies for different vehicles. Also, we are open to both small and large orders.


External Fuel Pump

External fuel pumps manufactured by CUSTONEPARTS also guarantee of low noise output and increased efficiency. The terminals are designed to be large which helps to enhance current flow by lowering resistance.


Electric Fuel Pump

To ensure the right product, every Custone electric fuel passes through rigorous tests. Various specifications are confirmed, and the product inspected for flaws. It ensures fuel pumps that Custone Parts manufactures are high-quality.


Universal Fuel Pump

CUSTONEPARTS universal fuel pumps assure of non-pulsating fuel flow at all times. The pressure regulator is inbuilt and high-efficiency, and the impeller ring efficient at smoothening the fuel flow.


Internal Fuel Pump

CUSTONEPARTS internal fuel pumps can be used with both naturally aspirated and forced induction automobiles. That means they have a wide range of applications besides offering the best performance for different engine fuel requirements.


High Pressure Fuel Pump

High-pressure fuel pumps from CUSTONEPARTS guarantee smooth driving as they prevent fuel pulsation. The pump construction increases the lifespan of the pump in addition to ensuring improved fuel displacement.


High Volume Fuel Pump

Fuel pumps from CUSTONEPARTS also offer near quiet operation. The armatures are encapsulated to reduce vibrations while a coil fitted to the pump serves to eliminate the noise caused by radio waves interference.


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