Internal Fuel Pump

  • Optimal performance for a long time
  • Sturdy internal and external construction
  • Reliable fuel pumping action
  • Wide range of automotive applications
Product Description

An internal fuel pump operates in the fuel tank which means it remains shielded from conditions such as heat and impacts. But then, it has to withstand the fuel type it is meant to pump. That’s one of the properties offered by CUSTONEPARTS internal fuel pumps. They are made to stand up to the corrosion caused by the fuel they process, providing an optimal performance for a long time.

Every internal fuel pump that comes from our factories features a sturdy internal and external construction. The design enables the pumps to stand up to the low lubricity characteristics of ethanol and methanol infused fuels. For tanks with tight tolerances, the small size of CUSTONEPARTS internal fuel pumps ensures proper fit.

CUSTONEPARTS internal fuel pumps can be used with both naturally aspirated and forced induction automobiles. That means they have a wide range of applications besides offering the best performance for different engine fuel requirements. They efficiently maintain a high flow even at high-pressure levels ensuring the engine gets a steady supply of fuel throughout a driving session.

The inlet and outlet ports of the internal fuel pumps from CUSTONEPARTS are made to the diameters of the fuel line of specific vehicles. This allows them maintain a tight fit for guaranteed performance. Besides that, we the parts are all 100% metallic for a longer lifespan and reliable fuel pumping action. An internal regulating valve ensures proper supply of fuel and smooth running of the engine.

Internal fuel pumps manufactured by CUSTONEPARTS are built to prevent fuel pulsation. The turbines are of a superior design to enhance fuel displacement, while the impeller ring ensures smoothness in the flow. The motor that powers the pump features encapsulated armatures for prolonged lifespan and to reduce noise. The commutators and brushes are carbon, which further guarantees a longer life for the pump.

We are one of the leading internal fuel pump suppliers in China and are committed to producing quality products. That is why every fuel pump manufactured by CUSTONEPARTS undergoes full testing for pressure and current draw before being released into the market. We are also ISO certified and assure all our customers of internal fuel pumps of the highest quality for OEM applications.

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Custom Fuel Pump

Our products include: Automobile Electric Fuel Pumps, Fuel Pump Modules, Fuel Level Sensors, High-Pressure Fuel Pumps, High Flow Fuel Pumps, and other related products.


External Fuel Pump

External fuel pumps manufactured by CUSTONEPARTS also guarantee of low noise output and increased efficiency. The terminals are designed to be large which helps to enhance current flow by lowering resistance.


High Flow Fuel Pump

Fuel pumps from CUSTONEPARTS also offer near quiet operation. The armatures are encapsulated to reduce vibrations while a coil fitted to the pump serves to eliminate the noise caused by radio waves interference.


Universal Fuel Pump

CUSTONEPARTS universal fuel pumps assure of non-pulsating fuel flow at all times. The pressure regulator is inbuilt and high-efficiency, and the impeller ring efficient at smoothening the fuel flow.

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